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About CSF Logistics

CSF Logistics is a small and fast paced company based out of Michigan. We pride ourselves on our reputation, for in this industry reputation is everything! The difference between CSF Logistics and larger auto logistics companies is the quality of service and attention to detail you'll receive. Working with a smaller company such as CSF Logistics will give you a more personal experience. Meaning you will only have to deal with one person, whereas with a larger company you may deal with many. The reason you should consider CSF Logistics is our knowledge and experience in the industry. Having dealt with thousands of trucking companies, we know which to utilize and avoid. We also have extensive knowledge on pricing and will let you know if you are getting a fair deal or not. Additionally, we genuinely care about getting your vehicle transported on time and for a fair price!

Transportation Options

Enclosed Transport

While often considered the upper echelon of the auto hauler industry, enclosed auto haulers provide maximum protection from the elements of the road. Since it is a niche part of the industry, choosing to transport your vehicle in an enclosed trailer tends to be more expensive. The enclosed trailer auto haulers we work with range from 1-car trailers to 7-car trailers and are insured up to $1,000,000.


Open Transport

The most common method of transport. Open trailer auto haulers are more common and easy to find, making it the most cost effective and quickest way to move your vehicle. The open trailer auto haulers we work with range from 3-car trailers to 10-car trailers and are insured up to $250,000-$500,000.


Seasonal Transport

The auto transport industry fluctuates seasonally, depending on the time of the year it can be busy or slow. Peak season being the winter months, which is often referred to as 'snowbird season'. Which causes an influx of vehicles needing to be shipped from northern to southern states. CSF Logistics has carriers in every state from the Northeast to the Midwest who solely transport from north to south during this time of year to help curve the demand for auto transport.

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