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How It Works

How We Work

Quote Requirements

What to Expect

CSF Logistics is one of the fastest, safest, and most economical ways to transport one or multiple vehicles. CSF Logistics acts as a broker to help bridge the gap between customers who need their vehicles shipped and trucking companies who need vehicles to transport. 

To provide accurate quotes to our clients we require the pick up city, state, and zip code, along with the state, city, and zip code for the delivery location. As well as the make and model of the vehicle.

You can expect to have your vehicle picked up within three days of booking our transportation services. You will be notified the day before the vehicle is scheduled to be picked up, as well as approximately two hours prior to pickup. We ask that no personal belongings are left in the car for transport.

Transit Time Cheat Sheet

You can expect the following timeframes depending on how far the vehicle is going.
150 miles: 1 day
500 miles: 2 days
1000 miles: 3-4 days

1500-2000 miles: 7 days
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