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Our Vendors

Throughout our years in business CSF Logistics has built symbiotic relationships with some of the most reliable and trusted trucking companies in the industry. Unfortunately not every company is going to give you the service and experience you deserve. Fortunately, CSF Logistics has a rigorous internal rating system that all carriers must pass in order to transport vehicles for us. Our goal is to find our customers the perfect balance, meaning a highly reliable carrier who also provides a fair price. Remember, transport pricing directly coincides with a carrier's ratings, the more inexpensive the carrier the lower their rating tends to be. On the contrary, the higher the rating the pricier they tend to be. CSF Logistics currently has about 3,000 qualified carriers in our network and we are adding new carriers every single day!

The most common reason why logistics companies may differ in price, is because some companies may aim for the most cost efficient option possible, which generally shows little regard for the quality of the carrier that is used for transport. On the latter, some logistics companies may be priced higher, because they choose to work with top tier drivers who are more experienced and reliable.

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